EL Campaign on Abortion: Baton of Freedom

EL Campaign on Abortion: Baton of Freedom


¡Pásalo! Pass it!

Abortion out of the criminal code, free and safe throughout Europe

The right to abortion of women and the right to decide about maternity is  a fundamental right that must be exercised without interferences, conditions, tutelages, or penalizations.

In 1985, In Spain the PSOE government voted a partial decriminalization  that lasted 25 years, until 2010, in order to have a slightly more advanced reform of the law of voluntary interruption of pregnancy, but still with many limitations.

The draft bill presented in December 2013 by the PP Government is restrictive and retrogrades and damages the rights and freedoms of women as regards their decision capacity on maternity.

The Party of the European Left rejects this draft bill approved by the Council of Ministers in Spain because it restricts fundamental rights of the women, and urges to its immediate retreat.

So if this law comes into force, it will create again in Spain a situation in which only two options are allowed to women: those that could afford it will travel abroad to make legal and safe abortion; others will be condemned to resort to a clandestine and illegal abortion with serious risk to their health.

Also our position is in favour of any law reform on sexual and reproductive health and the voluntary interruption of pregnancy, aimed at expanding the rights that are fundamental and specific to women, so that women can decide if they want or not to be mothers.

The EL demands the homogenisation in Europe:

· That contemplates the prevention against unwanted pregnancies with a sexual education that covers all educational levels with gender perspective.

· That it is allowed to women to interrupt their pregnancy at the time and for the reasons they wish, without restrictions, without deadlines, and without guardianship on public health.

· That regulates the conscientious objection so that it will not be used as an alibi by the more reactionary doctors and nurses.

· That eliminates the voluntary abortion of the penal code, both for the women and health professionals.

· That includes the coverage of the totality of the contraceptive methods for the public health.

· That the maternal/paternal agreement is not necessary for girls between 16-18 years, etc.

· That incorporates the formation in sexual and reproductive health in the health sector and in the educational one.

· That guarantees the preparation of the set of professionals for the practice of the voluntary interruption of the pregnancy, and that this is included in medical, nurse and others socio-sanitary professions.

· That doesn't question the aptitude of the women to take decision about her own life, but to enhance their autonomy.

· That includes a common protocol on the practice on Voluntary Pregnancy Interruption on the European Health System.


The Party of the European Left calls the European society to mobilize and denounce the restrictive reform of abortion of the Popular Party (Partido Popular) and other similar parties, and for the defence of the Right on Abortion, free, public and out of the Criminal Code.

For this reason, we have adopted in Rome on the 9th February a specific campaign about this issue, crucial for the equality struggle.

As EL members, in a symbolic way, we are going to pass a baton, claiming the right to decide freely and safely on our body and our maternity, restore freedom of choice for women in European countries where laws do not allow them to have an abortion because abortion is criminalized, prosecuted or conditioned.

The exchange of the baton will be from country to country, with symbolic actions to denounce the situation in Spain and in other European countries where there is very restrictive legislation on this matter.

With these actions, we try to mobilize and inform the European citizens, which is fundamental for the EL in the struggle for equality between men and women.

The EL is going to “dye” Europe in violet from North to South and from East to West. So that all women from Europe, under equal conditions can  exercise this fundamental right that is the right to abortion and to decide about their own maternity.

The campaign started on March 8thon the International womens day, in Berlin.

The campaign will end with a central act in the streets of Madrid. A pre-campaign act for the European elections, on Saturday 10thMay.

A final act in which it will be necessary to do a big effort of participation and assistance on the part of the different parties that integrate the European Left.