The 1st European Forum for Alternatives will be held in Paris, Place de la Republique, on May the 30 and 31.

The Forum website http://www.forum-des-alternatives.eu/en

The Facebook page "European Forum for Alternatives": https://www.facebook.com/pages/Forum-europ%C3%A9en-des-alternatives/922924991072103?ref=stream&fref=nf

The Twitter account "ForumAlternativ": https://twitter.com/ForumAlternativ

Please register on the website or by email to Maximilien : ef4a2015@gmail.com


Why the European forum for alternatives?

Enforce the peoples on the European level

The liberal Europe never stops to deny democracy, social needs and ecological development, rightly causing a strong popular rejection. By it’s very economical architecture the EU has suffered the brunt of the financial crisis of 2008 and increased its severity with the austerity policies. European peoples have resisted a lot, more and more together, facing with the attacks against public services, labor law, against democracy and basic human rights.

The vote of the Greek people last January has already changed the political landscape. An unprecedented showdown took place between the Greek people and their representatives, against the proponents of liberal Europe as Angela Merkel, the forces of money, banking, financial markets, the European Central Bank, the IMF and the European Commission.

Fight and unite for an alternative to austerity in France and Europe

Our mobilization in Europe is the best asset for our Greek neighbours. France is a key country. Our people opened the debate about the nature of the European construction 10 years ago, by voting no to the European Constitutional treaty. Today, France is under pressure from the European Commission to "speed up the reforms" and the government is going in this same direction, with drastic budget cuts, ANI and Macron law, privatization. Anti-austerity forces must be strong enough to defeat scenarii blocking possibilities for change, like the "tripartism" one in France.

With the Greeks, and because all European peoples shall benefit from it, we want to build an alliance of all forces - political, social, trade union, intellectual - and all citizens who refuse austerity. We want both "stand together" to resist, and switch to the offensive on solutions to the crisis, European, social progress, ecological and democratic joint solutions.

Opening a space for dialogue, making the solutions visible

The European Forum for Alternative will materialize through debates, plenary and workshop, this major political ambition. The Forum, which will be an initiative of an unprecedented scale, is open from conception to implementation to all forces and interested citizens. Our goal is to organize a major political and popular event with the participation of thousands people, with many Europeans, high-level guests, political activists, unions, social movements. Saturday, May 30 in the evening, we will organize a big concert at Republic Square in Paris named "Peoples standing."

A concrete overview of the Forum


The forum will be held on the 30 and 31st of May, at the Republic Square (Place de la République) for the plenary and the concert, and on decentralized areas for the workshops. A tent will be erected on the Place de la République.


9:30 a.m. Welcoming of the activists on the Republic Square with a distribution of equipment and a broadcast of practical information to participants.

10: 00-12: 00 a.m. Opening Plenary session: Enough with austerity. Our goal: human development in Europe

12: 00- 13:00 Lunch (many places and various prices in the area)

12:00-16:30 workshops

17: 00-19: 00 2nd Plenary session: Democracy against the banks. Regain power over finance.


Concert on the Republic Square

" Peoples standing"


9:00 to 11:30 a.m. workshops

12:00 to 14:00 p.m. 3rd plenary session: After the victory of Syriza, an alliance to win the European struggle


Thematic blocs and workshops

The names of the blocks and workshops are provisional but the big ideas are already present. The different members of the participating organisations are invited to get involved in the construction of the workshops. Meetings by theme will be held regularly on the forum. Please register on the website or by email to Maximilien : ef4a2015@gmail.com


Saying goodbye to austerity, for solidarity policies in Europe

- Employment and social emergencies first: a recovering plan? For what kind of growth?

- Commons and public services for the future, re-appropriation of the water

-Women's struggles at work

- LGBT struggles

-What future for the youth?

• Regain power over money

- Debt: European problem, European solutions

- Change the banking system (banks / European Central Bank)

- Fight against tax evasion

- Taxation and budgets: an approach by solidarity, justice, cooperation and popular sovereignty

An ecological and emancipatory production model

- Challenges and ecological alternatives: COP21, right to water

- A modern industry: to produce what? For who? How?

- Working in the 21st Century (new organization / new rights)

- Make social and solidarity economy a tool for the alternative (3 workshops)

- Re-appropriate our food

• For a real democracy, a Europe of freedoms

- Building a democratic Europe of citizens power

- Make emancipated Europeans: culture and education

- Fight against all forms of racism

- Big data, spying, freedom-destroying laws: how to protect our freedom and private life?

- Ethics and general interest: the fight against corruption, conflict of interest and clientelism

• Another Globalization

- The 21st century: a world of mobilities. For a new migration policy

- Defeat the TTIP

- The EU and the Mediterranean

- Building peace in Ukraine and in Europe

- Toward peace and common security

• Making the peoples of Europe win: go on the offensive!

- Dominant Media, Alternative Media: win the battle of information

-With the greeks, to win against austerity and change Europe

- Concrete solidarities

-What cooperation of the elected left?

- How to beat the far right

- Evolutions in consciences and of actors regarding the idea of an alternative