EL-Statement on the death of Martin McGuinness

EL-Statement on the death of Martin McGuinness

The Party of the European Left mourns for Martin McGuinness.

With him, Europe loses a statesman, who has contributed significantly to the pacification of a bloody conflict. Mc Guinness was one of the architects of the Good Friday Agreement and has filled it with life in his functions as Minister and Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland.

Martin McGuinness stands - like no other - with his biography for the difficulty of the Northern Ireland-conflict. His deeply impressive commitment to overcome violence was also a result of mistakes as well as learning from those. His courage for reconciliation emerged also out of the realisation that the armed struggle causes suffering and only deepens divisions. On the other hand only reconciliation and democracy enable peace - also and especially in Northern Ireland. 

Martin McGuiness' biography stands for the message that politics can overcome violence and facilitate peaceful coexistence, that reconciliation is stronger than hate. This message is very important for the future development of Europe. We will honour Martin McGuinness' memory.

Gregor Gysi

President of the Party of the European Left