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Statement by Colombian political prisoners

We plead for dissemination


At risk the life of political prisoners in Cali prison.

Concerning the adoption of the progress report on Turkey from Rapporteur Kati Piri by the European Parliament, Gregor Gysi, President of the European Left (EL), declares:



Université d’été

Budapest, du 19/07/2017 au 23/07/2017

(A program magyarul: kattintson ide)

Mercredi 19 juillet : Arrivés et ouverture



Summer University

Budapest, from 19/07/2017 to 23/07/2017

(A program magyarul: kattintson ide)

Wednesday, 19th July: Arrival and Opening


The Party of the European Left, we support today as always the commitment of President Juan Manuel Santos and the FARC-EP to hold firm the flag of stable and lasting peace deserved and claimed by all Colombians. At the same time we are very worried about the difficulties involved in implementing the Final State Agreement, nowadays in particular with a focus on compliance with the Amnesty and Pardon Law, which is one of the fundamental Laws for the construction of the Special Jurisdiction for Peace, so necessary for the release of political prisoners.

The Party of the European Left is deeply concerned about the plans for a EU-Japan free trade agreement which is currently negotiated between the European Commission and the Government of Japan. It looks like the Commission is repeating the same political mistakes they made with the TTIP and CETA negotiations. Because of the size of the Japanese economy the results would effect about one third of the global economy.

In April 2016 the Party of the European Left noted with deep concern the process of rapid backsliding on democracy in the Republic of Moldova. One year ago we stated that the control over the absolute majority of state institutions in this country has been concentrated in the hands of a narrow group of individuals, a fact that could be qualified as usurpation of power. Since then the situation in Moldova has not been improved.

Press release

25th of June 2017

Gregor Gysi, President of the European Left (EL):

From Friday, June 23th until Sunday, June 25th, there was a meeting of the Political Secretariat, the Council of Chairpersons, the Executive Board and the General Assembly of the EL.