The Executive Board of the Party of the European Left (ELP) has launched this morning, in Rome, a campaign on the right to free and safe abortion which will start on 8th of March in Berlin and will finish on 10th of May in Madrid in an electoral campaign act. The ELP, which has already been supporting the fight of Spanish woman against the reactionary proposal of law of right wing party of Spain limiting abortion right, decided to go further with a European Campaign for a Free and Safe abortion in Europe.

The Executive Board of the Party of European Left (EL), held in Rome, planned its work towards the European elections


Alexis Tsipras veröffentlichte einen offenen Brief an Van Rompuy, in dem er die Konstruktionsfehler des Frontex-Systems anprangert

While Greece and Samaras government took at the beginning of the month, the presidency of the European Union, inhumane acts were performed in the waters of the North Aegean Sea. Afghan and Syrian migrants fleeing conflicts that bloodied their countries were repelled by the Greek authorities toward the Turkish coast. The operation - already shameful as such - was carried out with such violence that 12 people, including 9 children, were drowned.

The current crisis in Ukraine, due to the government’s refusal - under the pressure of Russia - to sign the Association Agreement with the EU , requires urgent measures to be taken by both, the government as well as the EU and Russia.


The Party of the European Left condemns the brutal repression ordered by Prime Minister Erdogan after recent massive people demonstration in Taksim square asking government to resign after the big scandal of high corruption affecting government and PM’s party, AKP.

Besides this the religious party of Erdogan is threatening the principles of democracy and pluralistic society and trying to get control of the powers of the country, mainly the justice and the army.

The Party of the European Left, which was in the Gaza Strip last June with a delegation headed by its vice-president Maite Mola, already denounced during their visit the "genocide" that Israel is exercising systematically to finish with the Palestinians siege in the biggest jail of the world, an open air jail surrounded by sea (for the patrol boats of the army) by ground (tanks) and by air with the continuous flight of drones and of F-16.

The Party of the European Left subscribes to the act that passed Nelson Mandela in 1996 for the free choice of the end of the pregnancy, which guaranteed to all "the right to decide to end early pregnancy in a safe and legal way".

In Spain with the approval of this draft, in addition to eliminating the terms of the current law, passed in 2010,it will be a set of assumptions similar to the law of 85, among whom, it shall be limited to the right to abortion in case of fetal malformation.

In the previous two days, the finance ministers of the EU have signed a "banking union" and the creation of an "authority" supposedly capable to "resolve crises" by "rescuing" troubled banks. A "revolutionary" tool according to Michel Barnier, Commissioner for Internal Market.

This decision is questionable in itself. The EU is working since six years to save the banks and make the people pay the bill. The result: total economic failure and social disaster.