Working groups

Working groups

100 years of International Women’s Day

Forum of Sao Paulo and the Party of the European left were encountered in the XVII ° FSP meeting which took place in Managua, Nicaragua. On this occasion two regional forums reaffirmed their willingness to strengthen their relations and have discussed the possible forms of cooperation on common interest topics.

El XX Foro de Sao Paulo tiene lugar en medio de una profunda crisis estructural del sistema mundial capitalista, una crisis sistémica económica, ambiental y energética, cuyos efectos golpean en todo el mundo.

Entre los días 17 al 20 de agosto de 2010 se ha celebrado el XVI encuentro del Foro de Sao Paolo, en Buenos Aires, capital de Argentina, cumpliéndose los 20 años desde su primera edición allá en julio de 1990. Así pues este año se celebraba un aniversario importante: 20 años (que sí son algo 20 años, a pesar de la letra del tango reiteradamente evocada en las intervenciones).

Resolution Network Meeting may 8. 2010 in Helsinki: The network of trade unionists in and close to the Party of the European Left fully supports the demand of EPSU and other European unions to defend the public service all over Europe.

The trade unionists network within and close to the European Left fully supports you in your struggle which is a just and noble cause as you fight for the well-recognized and established international right to freedom of association without fear or favour and for social justice at UPS.

on the occasion of the meeting of the trade unionists network within and close to the European Left in Helsinki 8 May 2010:

The international celebration of “Women’s Day” was established at the second International Conference of Socialist Women in Copenhagen in 1910. It was proposed by the campaigner Clara Zetkin.

Declaration of the coordinators committee of the Trade Unionists Network of the Party of the European Left - The coordinators committee of the Trade Unionists Network strongly supports the on going struggle of the working class and the peoples of Greece.

The delegation of the European Left has participated in the “System change, not climate change” demonstration that gathered 100,000 people on December 12th 2009 in Copenhagen in order to put pressure on the ruling classes. This demonstration expressed the popular demand for a strong agreement. It’s expressing the rise of the idea that climate justice should comprise more social justice and consider the point of view of the south countries that are the first victims of the global warming.